Terms & Conditions for Software Product Users

This page is used to inform our software users regarding terms & conditions implementations against use of our products. If you choose to use our product, then you agree to all the terms & conditions, written in this page.

Technical Support

AQLign SYSTEMS will provide technical support after sale on Call / Email / SMS request on possibly urgent basis within office timing.

Supporting staff will try their best to solve error / problem by telephone / e-mail, in this regards; clients are requested to cooperate.

Client must explain error / complain in detail to the telephone / e-mail representative so that it can be traced and solved. Any complain posted in improper way will never proceed further.

Training of software will be given once on purchase of software, *additional charges will be charged for each request for training.

AQLign SYSTEMS will not responsible for any problem caused by the Hardware / Virus Attack / Operating System. ^ Suggestion will be provided for removing the problem if required by the client.

AQLign SYSTEMS does not commit telephonic / e-mail / visit support & services on Sunday and holidays.

Client must pay visiting charges at the time of performance (if mentioned in license). Credit will not allowed for visiting charges.

Client must nominate a representative for coordination with AQLign SYSTEMS by phone / email. He must have basic knowledge regarding OS (e.g. Copy / Paste / Path) and authority to follow the instructions of our supporting staff. He also must be available on the premises and provide necessary information, required by our staff to perform services under this agreement.

Modification & Updates

AQLign SYSTEMS is committed to provide unscheduled updates (based on internal research) of same version software.

*Additional charges will be asked for additional services including adding extra feature, amending existing features & merging / import of two different data of same / different software.

AQLign SYSTEMS can add / edit / remove any option within software except features were provided specifically on customization request.

AQLign SYSTEMS can add / edit personal advertisement contents within software features / outputs.

Any modification request against security / standard system or policies will be never accepted.

Only minor / spelling change in Company Title, Address, Logo and Other Information will not accepted under this agreement.

Data Checking & Repairing

AQLign SYSTEMS will accept data checking request by the client once during implementation, *additional charges will be asked after once.

Client will have to give their data to trace an error of software on our request. Data checking service will be utilized or additional charges for data checking will be asked (if no balance in data checking service) when reported error will be traced against feeding mistake.

All our software have built-in backup and restore tools, all the users of software are requested to maintain proper backup of software that can be restored in any case of software / data damage. * Additional charges will be charged for the data recovery service.

Piracy Prevention

Client cannot copy the software, forward the CD to other(s), transfer the license of use or abuse it for any other means without backing up. Any action like that will be treated Illegal Distribution.

Security to stop illegal distribution of product will be applied in software. AQLign SYSTEMS can add / edit security features without prior notice.

Software will be provided in compiled EXE form along with other supporting files.

Any alteration made by the client / others in internal software structure / features / files will be treated Reverse Engineering. No responsibility will be accepted in case of damage of software or any file due to opening software file(s) in third party software products.

Client must keep record of registration information for future reference.

Purchased software can be used for single company to maintain single data in 1+ backup & network PC as limited in License. Separate copies need to be purchased for other companies or separate data of same company.

^ AQLign SYSTEMS will guide to setup blank copy of software with existing master information to maintain record for next year once per term, *additional charges will be asked for each other time or applying special procedure in blank copy.

AQLign SYSTEMS may stop further support and cancel the authorization of using software without prior notice due to delay in payment or any action by the client against the policies of AQLign SYSTEMS. Any kind of charges / software amount recovered by AQLign SYSTEMS will not refund.


Software buyer must have basic knowledge regarding Operating System (Windows), Accounting Standards & Copyright ethics.

Liability of any document / agreement / bill made by dealer / representative / supporter, will never accepted. We also have strictly limited our dealers / representatives / supporters not to generate any paper on our behalf.

Officially registered name of client can be used in our Clients List, Website and other marketing and office related documents / materials.

Amount of software and other charges will be collected in advance or as per terms defined in Estimate / Quotation.

This agreement must be renewed after validity to avail support / services from AQLign SYSTEMS. Renewal process will be performed by the mutual understanding; any party can reject renewal of contract. Any charges including visiting & yearly service charges may be re-considered for increment based on last experiences and current business environment.

Clauses mentioned in agreement regarding support / services are subject to agreement validity.

We sale our software to maintain legal (as per Government & Islamic laws) business, as we can not check & force users for valid use of software so any liability in this regards will never accepted.

AQLign SYSTEMS will never refund any amount incase client cancels the deal.

We urge not to buy our product to one who does not value brain services, investment of time and does not understand pricing, volume & quality matters. Buyer must has comon sense regarding pricing difference of readymade solutions / tailor-made solution and personal modification charges.

* Based on use of time to complete the job.

^ Service not available for Non/Free-Contract Based clients.

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