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After study of various Production Units we designed AQLign Production System to fulfill the needs of the units in simple manners. Use of this software, provides peace of mind to the business key persons so that they can work for new business ideas in relax environment. The software features Formula Based Production module. As a first step user will inform software about which product consume what type of materials in what qty for production of single unit and what in-direct expenses accrued at the time of products. After that at the time of production user will just inform software how much qty has been produced to calculate consumption, wastage & in-direct expenses automatically and then calculate cost of production. Sales Tax modules provide all the reporting like Sales Tax Invoice, Purchase / Sale Registers and Summaries. Federal Excise Duty module is also integrated with Sales Tax. Inventory module covered from all angles. Salesmen Target Module can be utilize to track target and achievement of any salesman. Accounting Module is integrated with all other modules up to Net Profit / Loss & Balance Sheet to eliminate duplication.

Software Features

  • Categorized Accounts & Items List
  • Multi-Location Inventory
  • Area / Salesman wise Sales
  • Formula Based Production with In-Direct Expenses
  • Complete Sales Tax / FED Module
  • Salesman Stock Ledger with Running Balance of Qty & Amount and optional P/L with Transactions
  • Auto-Managed Financial Accounts
  • 45+ Accurately Aligned Printable & Exportable Reports

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