Easiest Staff Attendance & Payroll Software for Small Business

AQLign Payroll Organizer is developed for small businesses to maintain records of staff attendance and salary. User can record attendance of staff in simple and fast way by just informing software about absent staff. There is an option within software to deduct salary when staff requires part leave from full day. Salary sheet comprises on columns such as S. No., Staff Name, Designation, Salary Rate, Days for Month, Work for Days, Amount of Working, Break Hours, Break Amount, Advance, Loan, Canteen, Net Salary and Signature). Extra Duty sheet can be generated separately for overtime payment. User can maintain Loan & Advance ledger for each staff separately.

Software Features

  • Department & Designation wise Staff List
  • Quick Daily Attendance Recording
  • Staff Time Management through Extra Duty & Break Pass
  • Loan & Advances Records of Staff
  • 1 Click Salary & Overtime Sheet Generation
  • 15+ Accurately Aligned Printable & Exportable Reports

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